Types Of Survey

Full Pre-Purchase Survey

boat4Very advisable prior to parting with significant sums of hard earned cash. This is a full scope survey, preferably including a sea trial and will include careful checks of all the structure, rig and machinery as well as through hull fittings, pipes, tanks, electrical items and safety equipment – this is not an exhaustive list, merely indicative. It will involve having the vessel lifted ashore either prior to, or during the survey.
A very full report with carefully categorized recommendations will be provided following the survey. A valuation may be included in the report if requested.

A modern GRP yacht about to be cleaned for pre-purchase survey (photo – right)

Owner’s Insurance Survey

boat5Insurers may ask for the owner to have an insurance scope survey undertaken on older vessels and the report copied to them. This is to ensure the underwriter’s risk is a fair one but it benefits you also to be aware of any issues with your vessel. The scope is a little less comprehensive than a pre-purchase survey but it does cover all structural and safety related items.
Again, a comprehensive report with categorised recommendations will follow the survey.

The bilges of a timber sailing yacht after her tanks were removed, showing a lot of corrosion to the steel knees previously invisible. (photo – left)

Damage Surveys

boat6Following an accident, either you or the insurance Underwriters may commission the survey to ensure all the damages caused are included in the repair estimates and that these estimates are fair.
We investigate damage claims for a number of leading insurance companies. Sometimes owners employ us to oversee the repair process as an independent quality check.
This modern cruising yacht had extensive hull damage (photo – right)

What Else?

We undertake a wide variety of partial surveys, typically to check repair quality or where you may be in dispute with a yard and independent assessment is required. In addition, we can undertake to act on your behalf during repairs and refits, liaising with local facilities and ensuring you get the job you want, when you want.

Often we are asked to oversee agreed repairs after purchase, sometimes including modifications and upgrades for the new owner. This is a particularly useful service for customers who are not Spanish residents.

On occasions we are asked to deliver the vessel to her new home. This can be local in the Mediterranean or as far as Northern UK. Such deliveries are subject to price negotiation but you can be sure there will only be suitably qualified and experienced personnel in the crew and the boat will genuinely be treated like our own. In this respect we have proven experience of literally delivering the goods where others have tried and failed.

MCA Codes of Practice

All UK , Jersey and other Red Ensign Group registered small craft being used commercially are required by UK law to have a Certificate of Compliance with the relevant Code of Practice. We will be pleased to help you through the coding process.

Tonnage Measurements

UK, Gibraltar, BVI and Jersey flagged small craft wishing to be Part 1 registered must have a Certificate of Measurement. We can take the measurements, which can be done with the vessel afloat, and arrange the issue of the Certificate directly to the Registry.