DO YOU NEED A BOAT SURVEYED IN SPAIN? (including Ibiza or Canary Islands) or ITALY?


  • Are you looking to buy a boat and need professional guidance about its condition BEFORE you part with hard earned cash?

  • Have you been asked by your insurance company to arrange a survey of your existing boat?

  • Are you thinking of using your boat in a commercial venture and need guidance regarding the UK MCA Codes of Practice?

  • Have you had an accident and need professional advice and representation during the repairs?

This GRP yacht has been cleaned and is ready for inspection

We offer pre-purchase, insurance and damage surveys. Also MCA code of Practice examinations for small commercial vessels, tonnage measurements for registration and much more.

Registered in UK and with surveyor representation on the Spanish Mediterranean Coastline, we regularly travel throughout the Iberian Peninsular, Canary Islands and Italy. Being familiar with the local rules and customs and maintaining strong links with a wide range of repair facilities in Spain, gives us the edge to ease your boating problems significantly.


  • You will receive friendly, courteous and professional attention at all times.

  • Your quotation will be provided free of any obligation.

  • Your survey will be undertaken only by a highly experienced professional Chartered Marine Engineer, fully accredited in the UK as a small craft marine surveyor.

  • Your survey report will be comprehensive and include categorised recommendations for repair actions.

  • You will receive a verbal debrief on completion of survey if you are present, or by telephone if you are not able to be present.

  • To be as flexible and helpful as possible to arrange a survey schedule that suits you.

  • To liaise directly with the appropriate facilities, if asked, to make your survey arrangements easy.

  • To provide post survey advice on issues raised in the report, absolutely free of charge.

Thank you for considering our services.

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Last updated: 12 June 2021

Would you like total peace of mind knowing that your surveyor:

  • Has surveyed hundreds of small craft of many different shapes, sizes and types over the last 25 years?

  • Understands the importance of every component aboard and how your safety may depend upon it?

  • Is qualified and with credentials which can be verified?

  • Is well known to the marine insurance industry?

  • Who is reliable, personable and knowledgeable?

  • Who is based in Spain and understands the systems here?

  • Who is an active yachting enthusiast himself?

  • Who understands the importance of the survey to you and will work hard to ease the stress for you?

Whatever your need, for yachts and motorboats, we are here to help.

STOP — look no further!

We are not just another survey company. We believe we are the best available to make your boating experience less stressful.

Can you afford to take the risk of using just anybody?

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